Doing Well by Doing Good: Biofuels, Circular Economy and BiofuelCircle

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Suhas Baxi

The Industrial revolution set off a series of events that has turned the world upside down. Yes, it led to inventions and discoveries that have made our lives increasingly comfortable. But, it has also accelerated a process that used to take centuries earlier – climate change. It has now become our responsibility to at least put the brakes on it before we think of reversing it.

And that has led to the rise of a new school of thought that begins with sustainability and making as less damage to nature as possible. The latest strategy to attain maximum sustainability is devising a successful circular economy.

BiofuelCircle was started with a vision to facilitate and develop a circular economy around biofuels. Pro MFG Media has partnered with BiofuelCircle to flag-off the Pro MFG Sustainable Circular Economy Knowledge Series: Doing Well by Doing Good.

“I'm really happy that all of us are actually working towards something which connects a way of doing business to a way of consuming energy in a sustainable, dependable and conscious manner. For me, the word conscious is very important. This series will be all about conscious steps that industry is taking towards creating sustainable energy”, Mr. Suhas Baxi, Co-founder BiofuelCircle.

“We are a marketplace, we are a platform. On one side of the supply chain are rural participants while on the other side we have industrial participants”, said Mr. Baxi. “In addition to that, a logistics solution that brings all the diverse participants together on one platform, is what we are doing right now. The current status quo requires an accelerated movement for the purpose of creating awareness, increasing participation, and make sure that the benefits of this activity of energy generation are experienced by a larger number of participants.”

“When we started the business of BiofuelCircle, we wanted to create a business which is based on use of digital technology, which can actually support a conventional value chain. We felt that the bioenergy supply chain has a big potential in making a difference to the country and the society. This is the right place to make investments in terms of the type of digital divide bridge that we want to create. That's the reason we created BiofuelCircle.”

India has a vast potential in terms of the 235 million tons of agro-waste being generated every year. All of this material needs handling and so it will empower entrepreneurship to create hundreds of thousands of jobs, especially in the rural sector. The farmers will be able to generate additional revenue which will boost the rural economy and we all know how badly India needs a robust rural economy to fuel its growth engine. On the other hand, the big industries will be able to adopt greener ways to go about their businesses and reduce their carbon footprint.

Doing Well by Doing Good series will focus on knowledge sharing by having conscious conversations with stakeholders, thought leaders and champions of sustainability.