Making Seamless Remote Connectivity A Reality Across Manufacturing

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Krunal Patel

In an exclusive interview with Pro MFG Media, Mr. Krunal Patel, Director (Sales) at TeamViewer, shared his valuable insights on Teamviewer's journey in improving the workflow processes across the manufacturing industry.

Ever since the ongoing pandemic hit us globally, remote work has rightfully become the new industry norm. From enhanced server security to digitization of manual data processing, organizations are striving to pace up remote operations. TeamViewer, as a software product, is no less than a blessing for the technology teams responsible for smooth remote operations and prompt troubleshooting in a completely virtual environment of today.

In a career spanning over 17-years in the technology domain, Mr. Krunal Patel, Director (Sales) at TeamViewer, has closely worked with various stakeholders as a custodian for various technology-based products and services.

Shedding light on TeamViewer's role in helping manufacturers overcome obstacles in the workflow process for predictive maintenance, he stated that predictive maintenance is kind of a project-based approach which actually comes with different technologies, starting with knowing the problem of prehand via Internet of Things (IoT), implementation and thereby using a feedback loop to fix that problem. This helps in predicting downtime and preventing it before it happens. Hence, whether it is connecting to a SCADA DCS or controlling a particular parameter within a manufacturing equipment, TeamViewer remote connectivity works, he added.

Predictive Maintenance facilitated by Augmented Reality solutions

Mr. Patel further mentioned that TeamViewer has customers who have been using TeamViewer augmented reality(AR) solution along with the TeamViewer IoT platform, to create a predictive maintenance use case where the IoT platform basically is an alert mechanism, which sends the pre hand alerts to the smart variables. And then the technician, an engineer, is also guided using the TV or AR platform on how to fix that problem, so that it actually helps the manufacturer to reduce downtime.

Moreover, this also builds up skillsets in new engineers and technicians because those who are doing it for the first time, can be supported, or helped. And finally, it also adds a lot of knowledge repository into the database, which can be used for future references. So the remote control TeamViewer, augmented reality and TeamViewer IoT together, helps you connect, control, collaborate, and support your factory setups.

Addressing his concern towards the ongoing health emergency across the globe, Mr. Patel stressed that a lot of organizations are feeling the pressure of not being able to take care of the maintenance or repairs because of emails, phone connectivities and numerous travel restrictions. In fact, a lot of organizations are working in bubbles in terms of manufacturing.

Summing it up with his inputs about manufacturers dealing with complex technical issues via phone/email becoming inefficient over time due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, he pointed out that a lot of customers have factories set up across different locations. But their experts are in a central location at the head office or some international locations. If there are some international plants that they have acquired and started operating it right from the basic things like factory acceptance test, commissioning of a new plant, maintaining and operating that plant, as well as training the new engineers who are going to operate that plant, TeamViewer can add a lot of value with its AR support, Mr. Patel added.